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Pomona California

photo of building across from our office building entrance with neon backlit walls building lobby window reflections reflection on building windows

Magical illusionistic "eye-candy" has a greater potential for serious, multileveled content in my opinion than the so called attempts to embellish a void of non-objectivity with literary discourse. Is there integrity in flatness? This depends on whether one wants to decorate the galleries with wallpaper, the vestiges of which had its roots in some ephemeral art movement coined "avant-garde," but most of the time the "cutting edge" is like a dull blade.

What is found in the realm of veristic art has the capacity to be much richer in content, much more inclusive (as opposed to reductive and deductive) and multifaceted than any so-called "less is more" types of ideologies that permeated the 20th century.

In my imagery I want to knock over those erected monuments to that rather small elite that think that the imagery is supposed to be illustrated by the text.



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